About Glen Blackman Enterprises

For more than 30 years, Glen Blackman Enterprise has helped owners get the most out of their timberland. We help our customers manage their forest land to give them the highest return. We have excellent resources for export and domestic markets to ensure the highest price is paid for your timber. We cut all logs for the highest scale and grade.


I started logging right out of high school and have been ever since. 30 plus years later I am still helping people manage their properties to make the most of their timber. I have experience thinning tree stands to maximize yeld of the timber land. Call me for a free evaluation on your land.

Meet the Business Owner

My name is Glen Blackman, I own Glen Blackman Enterprises. I do logging, trucking, and ground work. I do different ground works like land clearing, stump removal, punching in roads, etc. I have been logging from the time I got out of high school over 30 years ago. I have a great love for the forest as most loggers do. Maintaining our natural resource is extremely important to me. I do thinning of timber stands to maximize growth of the timber. Give me a call so we can evaluate your tree farm.